6”/15cm Wide Angle Dome Lens for SportDiver

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The 6”/15cm Wide Angle Dome Lens for the SeaLife SportDiver underwater smartphone housing increases the phone’s camera lens field-of view by 40% and allows photographers to get closer to the subject while fitting everything into the image frame. The new dome lens mounts directly to the SportDiver housing’s lens port without a lens adapter.

The 0.71x dome lens requires no skill, training, or adjustment; simply mount it and shoot. Split shots that split the topside view with the undersea view are especially easy. There’s a safety lanyard included to keep the lens with the housing should it get bumped off. The dome lens design uses high-grade acrylic optics arranged in a 2-element/2- group array that delivers crisp edge-to-edge sharpness. The lens has a 15.6mm film-equivalent effective focal length when used, for example, with the SeaLife SportDiver and the iPhone 15 Pro’s 24mm “Ultrawide” camera lens.

The lens is waterproof to 130ft/40m and is positively buoyant. The new 6”/15cm Dome Lens fits all SeaLife SportDiver housings. The dome lens includes a rotatable sunshade built around the optics to help control stray sunlight. The 6” dome lens is a “wet lens” and easily attaches and removes underwater, the inner lens chambers are air-filled, and the lens is therefore buoyant. A lanyard is included and prevents the lens from accidental detachment if bumped off.

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  • 65x magnification ratio increases the field-of-view over 40% and reduces shooting distance
  • Large dome lens allows easy capture of above-below water split shots
  • Corrects barrel distortion and improves edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Lens can be attached/removed while underwater
  • Scratch-resistant PMMA Acrylic Dome lens
  • Includes neoprene dome lens cover and protective pouch
  • Waterproof to 130ft / 40m
  • Works with SportDiver & SportDiver ULTRA smartphone housing



Optical construction: 2 elements / 2 groups
Field-of-view (underwater): Increases field-of-view of camera’s native lens by 40%
Magnification Ratio: 0.71X
Attachment method: Securely attaches to SportDiver Lens Port
Focus Ranges: Focus distance is reduced by approximately 25% depending on the native camera lens.
Weight (on land): 17.4 ounces (493 grams)
Buoyancy (underwater weight): Positive 13.7 ounces (389 grams)
Lens dimensions: 6.7” diameter x  2.7” height (17.0 cm diameter x 6.9 cm height)
Construction: Fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body
Depth: Depth tested to 130’ (40 m)
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty.
Packaged dimension: 7.4” x 7.4” x 4.2” (18.7cm x 18.7cm x 10.6cm)
Packaged weight: 1.6 lb. (0.7 Kg)





What's in the Box

6”/15cm Wide Angle Dome Lens

Neoprene dome lens cover

Protective storage pouch

Lens retaining lanyard

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Instruction sheet

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