Buoyancy Floatation Rings

RRP $84.95

Add buoyancy to your SeaLife underwater camera set for better handling and control

Durable high-density foam rings attach to Flex-Connect flex arms and grips. Each ring adds 4 ounces (113g) of float in seawater.  Adding float rings helps keep your SeaLife underwater camera / lighting in an upright position, making for more comfortable handling and control.

For example, the SeaLife SportDiver with Dual tray, two grips, two flex-arms and two Sea Dragon 5000+ lights has 23 ounces of negative buoyancy.  Adding 4 rings reduces the underwater weight of the camera set to only 7 ounces of negative buoyancy.  If you want to make the camera set, positively buoyant, just add a couple more rings.

There are 4 float rings in a package (SL931).


  • Improves UW handling and balance of SeaLife camera sets
  • Durable, high-density foam construction
  • Rings attach over Flex-Connect arms and grip
  • Each ring adds 113g (4oz) of positive buoyancy in sea water (110g/3.5oz in freshwater)
  • Bright yellow sheathing for high-visibility


  • Weight on land: 1 oz. (28g) per ring
  • What’s included: 4 floatation rings
  • Dimensions: 2” OD x 1.7” ID x 1.4” Height (80mm x 43mm x 36 mm)
  • Packaged weight: 5 ounces (140g)
  • Packaged dimensions: 3” x 3.3” x 6.0” (8.3cm x 8.3cm x 15.3cm)

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