O-Ring for DC2000

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Replacement O-ring for SeaLife DC2000 underwater camera

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How to Replace the DC2000 Housing O-Ring

  1. Push the O-ring along its groove until it lifts. Do not use tools or sharp objects to remove the O-ring to avoid damaging the soft silicone material.
  2. Gently pull the O-ring out of its groove. Important: The O-ring and O-ring groove must be completely clean before installing the O-ring. Use a dampened, lint-free cotton cloth. A micro-fiber cleaning cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses is ideal.
  3. Lay the O-ring over the O-ring groove making sure the O-ring is not twisted. Orient the O-ring with the more rounded corners on the hinge side of the housing.
  4. Gently push the O-ring down into the groove. The O-ring should be evenly seated in the groove.
  5. Close the housing door to firmly seat O-ring and open housing again to inspect that O-ring is completely seated into groove. Be careful that there are no obstructions, like the wrist strap, trapped between the housing door and O-ring.

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