The Importance of Lighting Underwater

The SeaLife Staff & Brent Durand

In other articles we’ve mentioned the importance of photo/video lighting underwater.   In this short  visual story, we want to point to some example photos using the SeaLife DC2000 Camera and several Sea Dragon LED lights.   These examples will show you very clearly what you’re missing if you’re not using underwater lighting.   It also shows how far LED lights have come along in terms of underwater imaging performance.

You may think that you need a very powerful LED light to illuminate your subject adequately; this is normally true but not always the case, so we took our least and most powerful Sea Dragon lights – the Sea Dragon 1000F and the Sea Dragon 5000F with 1000 and 5000 lumens and shot these “with and without light” images.   Thanks to dive photographer Brent Durand for this informative collection of unedited photos.

Of course your results will depend on several factors such as depth, water condition, the camera and camera settings you’re using.  An important take-away is that while not optimal for all underwater shooting, the mini-sized Sea Dragon 1000F is a perfect focus light, and a very capable back-up imaging light.   And, that the much more powerful Sea Dragon 5000F has all the power and features needed for a primary imaging light, yet can also serve as a focus or video lamp when used with a strobe such as the Sea Dragon Universal Flash, utilizing its Auto features.

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    Wow this is great! thanks for this informative guide and shooting advice.

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